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The outbreak of street art, graffitis, tags and visual vandalism coincides without doubt with the expansion
of advertising and branding over the public space. It is the appropriation of public space by big business that
stimulates the need to reconquer it. While outdoor media companies are looking for new spaces to invade
citizens are denied the possibility to visually and publicly communicate their needs, opinions, interests.
Even if not mature or politically aware in nature the inscriptions on these two billboards that were left empty
for a mere couple of weeks illustrate this process well enough.




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Out of reasons unknown to me the eastern half of Warsaw has always been worse off than its western
counterpart. You can see that even on the Vistula riversides where the western bank is made of large
concrete steps with a bicycle path running alongside while the eastern side is mostly wasteland abundantly
overgrown by bushes and trees. And it’s the eastern bank where I found this abandoned and eroded
swimming pool complex with a variety of interesting graffitis and letterforms.

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