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Here’s a pretty creepy warning sign from Turkey saying “DEATH THREAT”. Sent in by Andreas.
As far as I have managed to figure out from a brief image search this is one of several existing templates
functioning on Turkish ground. See for yourself.





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Alessandro sends in a new catch from a boat in Marmaris, Turkey.
Stencil-style letters cut in wood and filled with paint. Quite interesting especially because
one would not expect stencil-like characters applied directly to wood.
Or maybe I’m mistaken and these letters were applied through a stencil after all?…
Maori are indigenous people of New Zealand, but whether the name of this boat
is named after them is unknown to me.

Update: Yes, them letters were cut directly in the wood and yes, the boat does have a link with New Zealand.



Whatever Manufacturing

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This masterpiece of street typography was sent to me from an Italian typographer and friend of mine Alessandro,
who found it somewhere in the old part of Izmir, Turkey.
The message it carries is “we do whatever package and box manufacturing
(her türlü = whatever / koli ve kutu = package and box / imalati yapılır = manufacturing).
Truly lovely lettering and I especially enjoy the way some words are smaller to conform with the column width.


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