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PLUMBING EQUIPMENT -OPEN- 9.00-17.00 SAT. 9.00-13.00
This sign is pasted outside a tin booth near my place and houses a tiny but well-supplied shop with
plumbing equipment. I couldn’t help noticing the beautiful hand-painted typography on the front
so on the first occasion I asked the owners who the author was. Apparently it was an old man, a friend
of theirs, who used to paint airplanes and, if I remember well, painted this this sign as a favour.
Unfortunately he passed away some time ago so I couldn’t interview him about this assignment.



  1. It’s got a beautiful art decoish vibe…..

    Comment by Will Cowan — 17.12.2008 @ 2:50

  2. Yes indeed. There are a few more beauties like that around here but I need to find the time (or energy) to go out and shoot them.

    Comment by Wojtek Mejor — 17.12.2008 @ 15:04

  3. great blog:) I find it great that there are getting to be more plumbing blogs to learn from.

    Comment by plumbing 101 — 28.01.2009 @ 12:40

  4. Plumbing blogs rule! :)

    Comment by Wojtek Mejor — 28.01.2009 @ 15:24

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