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At least a couple of decades have left their traces on this shop facade with the initial word on the
windows probably being simply ‘NAPRAWA’ –  which means  ‘repair’. Now it is a little bit difficult
to decipher the resulting clutter but lets try to trace the changes. Of the original typography the last
syllable ‘WA’ was probably lost together with the glass that carried it. Then, with time, the shop
might have shifted to newer technologies and the words ‘RTV’ (radio & tv), ‘MONITORY’ (monitors)
and ‘KOMPUTERY’ (computers) appeared. Two letters from the alphabet set of the former were used
to complete the original word ‘NAPRAWA’ and of the latter only ‘O TERY’ is left.



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  1. Aloha Conos!

    Si mira que me gustan las fotos, aún más los textos.
    Te lo digo en serio. Que sepas que te sigo cada semanita, y
    cada vez que paso por la “direción” sonrío.

    Quiero más cementerio de animales!

    Comment by Ze Pequeno — 22.02.2008 @ 15:09

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