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Here’s a photo from Siena sent in by Richard. Apparently everyone was looking towards and taking
pictures of the Siena Duomo completely ignoring this lovely, old mural inscription that I was not quite
able to decipher. It apparently concerns an Inn and Restaurateur but it’s name is not legible enough.

Update 08.10.:
Thanks to Łukasz and the post he discovered I know now that the name of the inn is or was “La Scala” – “The Staircase”.




  1. Well, again I did some research and found this one: http://www.ipernity.com/doc/15993/500511.

    Looks like the name of this inn is (or rather “was”) “La Scala”.

    Comment by lukasztyrala — 4.10.2007 @ 12:26

  2. By the way it is quite an interesting thing to compare those two photographs in search of changes. Siena is changing but the “La Scala” remains the same (even the courtains in upper right window looks alike, or am I over reacting(?))! :-)

    Comment by lukasztyrala — 4.10.2007 @ 12:31

  3. Very interesting indeed – perhaps at least two of the rooms of the inn are still in use. Some change in the lower window is clearly visible. Is that the only and last guest of the inn or is it me overreacting this time?… :))
    Lukasz, thanks for the contribution!

    Comment by Wojtek Mejor — 8.10.2007 @ 13:44

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