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OPEN 11-19 The first and last Saturday 11-13
I don’t think I have to promote the beauty of this typography let alone the customization – they speak for themselves.
The font used here, some close relative of the Pump family, is a style widely used 3-4 decades ago in Poland.
Examples of it are still to be found here and there like in this clothing boutique on Wilson Square in Warsaw.
Apart from the overall retro feel (and the hand-made corrections of the opening hours) I’m particularly amazed
by the custom-made Polish letters ‘ą‘ and ‘ę‘. Obviously they were created from regular ‘a‘ and ‘e‘ by adding
a comma underneath. An nice example of how a Polish designer overcame technical limitations.




  1. It reminds me of an old typewriter that stands in my room. It has no Polish diacritical marks and one that wanted to write a letter, which would be correct to the rules of Polish language, probably had to use comma, apostrophe and other punctuation marks to accomplish that correctness.

    It had to be some challenge to publish documents with tenths of pages! But then THEY created typewriter fonts for Poles and all the fun gone rubbish.

    Either way one who created above sign must hate THEY up to this day, manifesting his sorrow via everyday-life-public-typography.


    Comment by lukasztyrala — 25.09.2007 @ 12:05

  2. Indeed Polish diacritic signs and their absence or improvised appearance is a rich subject for separate exploration.
    I have to look through my collection and check if there’s any more photos relevant to this subject.

    Here’s a mention of Inwokacja – an example of using this issue in a subversive work by Polish artist Oskar Dawicki (only in Polish).

    Comment by Wojtek Mejor — 26.09.2007 @ 0:24

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