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This is not Cyrillic, neither is the photo retouched – someone has actually installed the light box upside down!
Makes me want to experiment with a Latin face hung on the cap height line (like in the Hebrew alphabet).
Photo courtesy of Natalia Kulka.




  1. I believe this one is not only “upside down” but also we see the back of the light box. If it was upside down, turning it 180 degrees should to the thing, but in this case we still need to flip it horizontally/vertically to have “the right order of a word”.

    Maybe the confectionery (this is what the light box says) is closed, and the owner flipped the sign back-to-front to “inform” that the business is no more (acknowledge the frame of the light box, which is not closed on the right border — it probably allows sliding transparent boards with different words into it, so that they are lighted from behind by fixed neon).

    But that is just my own twisted perception yielding to be heard. ;-)

    Comment by lukasztyrala — 18.09.2007 @ 13:29

  2. You’re right! Indeed it seems that the plastic sign has been removed and slided back in vertically flipped.
    I say it’s a pretty funky way of communication from side of the business owner.. :)

    And thanks for reminding about the translation – I shall add that to the title.

    Comment by Wojtek Mejor — 18.09.2007 @ 14:48

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