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The New Piccadilly Cafe in London is about to be closed as big chains take over the business.
This sign pretty much shows the amount of time it has been running and the effort put into it.
The particular marriage of different type styles and images reminds of the fact that this restaurant
dates back to the 50’s.
The photo was made by Ronald Hackston.




  1. Now sadly gone. Nothing was left of the place – it all went into a skip from the classic 1950 light fittings to the sign above the door.

    Last I saw of the place it was boarded up but on the last day it must have been how it was in the 1950s with every table full and happy voices. There was a great turn out to see the cafe, and it’s owner – Lorenzo, off.

    Let’s hope Lorenzo has a long and happy retirement.

    Comment by Mark Fitchett — 2.10.2007 @ 1:40

  2. Yes, Lorenzo has definitely earned it!

    I wonder if all the furnishing of the place will be dumped or people could take things home. And if somebody kept the sign…

    Comment by Wojtek Mejor — 15.10.2007 @ 16:06

  3. It all got junked I’m afraid…

    Even that sign – such a shame.

    Comment by Mark Fitchett — 26.10.2007 @ 8:32

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