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Alessandro sends in a new catch from a boat in Marmaris, Turkey.
Stencil-style letters cut in wood and filled with paint. Quite interesting especially because
one would not expect stencil-like characters applied directly to wood.
Or maybe I’m mistaken and these letters were applied through a stencil after all?…
Maori are indigenous people of New Zealand, but whether the name of this boat
is named after them is unknown to me.

Update: Yes, them letters were cut directly in the wood and yes, the boat does have a link with New Zealand.



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  1. Go hard with this image. Nice kerning. You seem to have a central focal point on the Maori culture and give it heirachy with the bold weight. Very inspiring for maori designers. I encourage visual linking with the use of Symmetrical balance and Colour contrast. They are attractive and have a directional property that gives a feeling of cool and calm stability. It is obvious that you can design with wood and steel very well too. Proximity with a pair of seating still invites comfort and welcomes involvement. It is very creative from a Maori point of view.

    Comment by Wanganui — 25.08.2007 @ 4:19

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